ID Name Location From Until
Station Location
APRD-1 Tolgoit Songino Khairkhan District, 65th School 2013.12 Now
APRD-2 Televiz Bayangol District, Mongolian National Broadcaster 2009.02 Now
APRD-3 Amgalan Bayanzurkh District, Botanik Amgalan Restaurant 2013.12 Now
APRD-4 Nisekh Berlin Eko Town, near from the road to New Sports Center 2009.04 Now
APRD-5 Dambadarjaa   2015.11 Now
APRD-6 Bayankhoshuu   2016.04 Now
Old Air Quality Monitoring Station
Old APRD-1 Baruun 4-n Zam Baruun 4 zam, Chingeltei 2009.04 2013
Old APRD-3 2nd Emneleg 2nd Emneleg, Sukhbaatar 2009.03 2013
Air Quality Monotoring Station of Central Laboratory of Environment Monitoring
UB-1 Misheel Ekspo Khan-Uul District, 3rd Khorooo, Central Laboratory of Environment Monitoring 1977.05 Now
UB-2 Baruun 4-n Zam Bayangol District, 17th Khoroo, Barilgin Kollej, Baruun 4-n Zam 1977.11.22 Now
UB-4 Bokhiin Urguu Bayanzurkh District, 15th Khoroo, 13th Khoroolol 1996.01 Now
UB-5 100 Ail Sukhbaatar District, 10th khoroo, 69th Kindergarden 2010.06.10 Now
UB-7 Mongol Gazar Bayangol District, 20th Khoroo, Mongol Gazar Company 2010.06.12 Now
UB-8 Urgakh Naran Bayanzurkh District, 11th khoroo, Urgakh Naran khoroo 2010.06.11 Now
Other Air Quality Monotoring Station
  Embassy of United States of America   2015.10 Now


0 ~ 50 きれい
51 ~ 100 普通
101 ~ 250 弱い汚染
251 ~ 400 中程度の汚染
401 ~ 500 強い汚染
501 ~ 非常に強い汚染