ID Name Location From Until
Station Location
APRD-1 Tolgoit Songino Khairkhan District, 65th School 2013.12 Now
APRD-2 Televiz Bayangol District, Mongolian National Broadcaster 2009.02 Now
APRD-3 Amgalan Bayanzurkh District, Botanik Amgalan Restaurant 2013.12 Now
APRD-4 Nisekh Berlin Eko Town, near from the road to New Sports Center 2009.04 Now
APRD-5 Dambadarjaa   2015.11 Now
APRD-6 Bayankhoshuu   2016.04 Now
Old Air Quality Monitoring Station
Old APRD-1 Baruun 4-n Zam Baruun 4 zam, Chingeltei 2009.04 2013
Old APRD-3 2nd Emneleg 2nd Emneleg, Sukhbaatar 2009.03 2013
Air Quality Monotoring Station of Central Laboratory of Environment Monitoring
UB-1 Misheel Ekspo Khan-Uul District, 3rd Khorooo, Central Laboratory of Environment Monitoring 1977.05 Now
UB-2 Baruun 4-n Zam Bayangol District, 17th Khoroo, Barilgin Kollej, Baruun 4-n Zam 1977.11.22 Now
UB-4 Bokhiin Urguu Bayanzurkh District, 15th Khoroo, 13th Khoroolol 1996.01 Now
UB-5 100 Ail Sukhbaatar District, 10th khoroo, 69th Kindergarden 2010.06.10 Now
UB-7 Mongol Gazar Bayangol District, 20th Khoroo, Mongol Gazar Company 2010.06.12 Now
UB-8 Urgakh Naran Bayanzurkh District, 11th khoroo, Urgakh Naran khoroo 2010.06.11 Now
Other Air Quality Monotoring Station
  Embassy of United States of America   2015.10 Now

Air Quality Index

Аir Quality IndexAir Quality Index Value
0 ~ 50 Clean
51 ~ 100 Normal
101 ~ 250 Slightly Polluted
251 ~ 400 Polluted
401 ~ 500 Heavily Polluted
501 ~ Seriously Polluted

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